Welcome to Me

Hi Non-Stranger,

Elizabeth here. Welcome to me. I can often be found talking to my dog like he’s a real human boy, thinking about how I would answer Inside the Actor’s Studio questions (my favorite curse word is Fuck), being inspired by TED Talks, and creating an ever-growing travel wish list (Croatia, The Carolinas, and Morocco are on the top of it). My newest dream is to live in a tiny house mansion. My longest dream is to be a best-selling author, a la Elizabeth Gilbert style.

Currently, I am doing a bit more tweaking to Fleeting East, and then will seek an agent to spread Easton’s story with you more widely. Please join my journey through the social media (Instagram or Facebook) or at indiegraceful [@] gmail.com.

Please enjoy my storytelling. Or don’t. Who am I to tell you what to do, right?

Much love, respect, and humor,

Elizabeth Grace


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