Poetry: Emotions & Stuff

A Love Poem for No One

Extrovert me
Seeking introvert you
So I can peel your layers like orange.
Not discarding the coverings
Keeping the secrets corseted with Victorian strength.
Looking at you long enough so you feel seen
On the wall of flowers.
Reading your name in Braille
Rolling your Spanish R
Spelling your name in sparkler
Teach me how not to get burned
Teach me.

Let’s live in a land where words are currency
Let’s not measure time in time
Time measured
Leaves falling
Dust collecting
Wine refilling
Let’s know more about time than time knows.
In this place of conversation
Collect exchanged words in scrapbooked memory.
My hand is covered in tattooed pen marks of your syllables
Hearing every word as if I had never heard it before
Studying you with Quantum complexity
Reading you with low tide urgency
Being washed by smiles and shared laughs.

The first crack of my body you see
Are my lips parting
As you walk up
Dancing through Burnside crosswalks.
Hunt me like scavenger
Then fall into me like seasons collide.
Being each other’s synonym for adventure
Walking, my Dear, until we have used all our words
And our legs fall off.
Let’s run our breath dry speaking in empty rooms
Until our echoes are answered in more questions.
But when our words are done.
Promise me.
You’ll kiss me.
Kiss my bones warm with winter breath
And my lungs will expand and collapse
Beneath deep and shallow breathes
Wanting only to exchange air with you.
Touching you.
Reading back lines with
Finger eyes.

Anxiety over new tries to rattle me
Like snake
I shed its skin
I will shed my skin of gravity’s pull
Until I know weightlessness
If you teach me freedom.
Teach me geometry
Teach me.
Then I might know how to rise over run
Then I might.
Then I might know how to stay
Falling into you.