The Meet Cute: Airborne Lust

Per usual, when I’m in a public space I scout for attractive men. And I find an airport to be prime hunting season. So, when I spotted a potential boyfriend date, I accidentally (not an accident) stood behind him in the boarding line. I was getting nowhere fast, as he was distracted by getting to our mutual destination or PDX or whatever. But then fate my anti-grace stepped in when he stopped short at his seat (B17) and I stopped short on his foot. He turned around and I was able to see his beautiful, beautiful face close to my face and apologize (#sorrynotsorry).

Once in my seat, with culturally considered average-looking people, I couldn’t stop

thinking about Mr. B17. And since I’m not afraid of a little boldness, I wrote him a note.

It read:

Sorry for stepping on your foot, but I had to tell you how handsome you are.


Elizabeth in Seat D12

As the flight attendant answered my page, I explained that my friend was in seat B17and would she be so kind to deliver this note to him. She returned shortly thereafter telling me that Mr. B17 was flying alone and here’s my note. I assured her it was for him and my eyes apologized for the lying. The next time I saw her, she requested my pen, so he would answer. My row was now on to my game and demanded I fill them in on this in-air love affair. Thankfully, confessing that I’m a chronic dater in need of a fix from Mr. B17 proved helpful when the flight attendant returned with my note and stated that was absolutely the last time she was playing this fifth grade game.

But, she was only trying to get me to deliver said note myself and get face time. My row eagerly waited for me to read his reply and answer his question, before the middle-aged man in the aisle seat offered to be the gofer.

After his delivery Mr. B17 didn’t answer, instead he waited outside the plane to return my pen in-person. We walked all the way to the baggage claim, filling in the first meeting Q and A’s: he lived in Vancouver, his job was this, I do that, etc. We exchanged numbers and agreed a date post-landing was necessary.

I was first to reach out and unfortunately, our love affair never got off the ground, as his follow-through had mechanical issues. But I’m still hopeful for an airport love connection.

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